Why do we exist? (# 2)

Michael Dalton
6 min readNov 12, 2021

This series of articles describes a theoretical explanation for the origin of dark matter. Article 1 — Dark Matter Mystery — developed the idea that the fabric of space could be more like a memory foam mattress rather than Einstein’s rubber sheet. Dark matter is a consequence of space being a way of storing information. The challenge is identifying a scientific explanation that justifies the memory foam hypothesis.

One way of understanding the rationale for the memory foam hypothesis involves re-thinking whether there is a rational explanation for what might have happened before the Big Bang. This re-thinking includes thinking the questions of why the universe exists and what its purpose might be.

Is there a Theory of Everything?

Thought experiments have a long history in facilitating the evolution of scientific ideas. This and subsequent articles comprise several thought experiments. These articles do not provide a comprehensive description of reality. An aim is to challenge existing thinking about various scientific ideas. The articles are based on a ‘What if’ way of developing an understanding of reality.

Scientists’ Theories of Everything (TOE) tend to be self-limiting i.e. limited to things that can be measured. They generally do not attempt to explain sociological phenomena such as whether there is a reason why our civilisation has arisen in its current form. Ideally, a comprehensive TOE would consider the possibility of a causal/feedback relationship between the evolution of scientific ideas and the evolution of society. These articles support the view that there is such a relationship. Changing the focus of scientific research to examine such a possibility could lead to new discoveries in science.

While these articles are only thought experiments, hopefully they challenge readers to rethink:

  1. Why ancient ideas about the origin of the universe as a way of understanding cosmological problems such as the origin of the Big Bang, dark energy and dark matter, have not been more widely examined before funding additional expensive experiments where there is limited evidence to show that current experiments are resolving outstanding problems; and
  2. Why the scientific method is often dogmatically applied when there…



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